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CBS 8: “What happened to the long lines? a It was a quiet start to Black Friday morning as Chopper 8 flew over the malls in Fashion Valley, Plaza Bonita and UTC looking for the typical long lines of people rushing for those must-have holiday deals.”

After the Pandemic, businesses will not be going back to 100%. The pandemic showed the public how to stay home and shop.

A website is your business’s online presence AND your business card.

We offer several Social Media Marketing and advertising packages, which we can customize to your needs.

Contact our development team to receive a consultation and a custom quote for your company.

Bundled services for marketing your business across social media.
We offer several various social media marketing packages, from start-up (if you dont have social media presence) and packages which allow your business to target up to five social media networks in your campaign.

Social Media Marketing Packages

SMM Starters Pack

starting at


per month
  • (SM) Accounts Setup
  • SM Integrations to your website.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Campaign Strategy, Structure.
  • Ad Creation.
  • Custom Content Design.
  • 4 Posts per month. (1 per week)
  • 4 Custom Images.

SMM Advanced Pack

starting at


per month
  • Includes Starter Package and….
  • 8 Posts per month.
  • 8 Custom Images.
  • 1 Boosted Post
  • Offers and Promotions.

SMM Premium Pack

starting at


per month
  • Includes both Starter and Advanced Packages.
  • 12 Posts per month.
  • 3 Boosted Posts 
  • 12 Custom Images. 
  • 1 Contests & Sweepstakes.

SMM Growth Pack

starting at


per month
  • Starter, Pro, & Advanced
  • 20 Posts per month.
  • 4 Boosted Posts 
  • 20 Custom Images. 
  • 2 Contests & Sweepstakes.

What to Expect From Our Digital Marketing Team.

  1. Advising, planning and reporting on your unique marketing budget.
  2. Developing and executing all marketing initiatives.
  3. Increasing Brand Awareness.
  4. Build brand awareness and trust with prospects and influence their purchasing decisions.
  5. Gaining new, relevant followers.
  6. Keep followers up to date about your business.
Social Media Marketing Strategy can benefit your company multiple ways. Improving loyalty, satisfaction, and brand awareness, it’s becoming a critical component of business strategies.

Your dedicated Digital Media Manager begins by auditing your social media accounts.  If you currently have no Social Media, they will initiate Setting Up and the First Steps and Social Media Integration.  Looking in-depth at the history and status of your company and building an online visual presence that you are looking for.  The Digital Media Manager can build a competitive, performance-driven strategy for your business.

Social Media Marketing Packages:

Which is best for your business?

How many social media networks do you want to target/market?

What do you want to accomplish from social media marketing?

Customer Satisfaction:
More than 65% of users rely on social media for customer service.

Customer Loyalty:

50% of internet users follow brands are loyal to that particular brand. With social media marketing, your business can build the loyalty of past customers, which can result in additional purchases, word-of-mouth recommendations.

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